Day 102 — The one that got away

Got some nice photos of cloud formations this morning but I am ruing the one that got away. I looked out the window after I woke up and saw massive towers of salmon pink in the sky. Of course the weather changes by the minute around here so all I got was what you can see here, which are still pretty nice, but . . . if I had only been an earlier bird.

On more mundane matters, Mariette had to sort out how it works with the tax agency when she gets paid by her employers. For most employees here filling out your taxes takes about a half hour for the year, very different from the entire industry that exists in the U.S. for doing taxes. But because she is being paid directly by the families she works for, there are forms to fill out each time she gets paid, which seems like a ton of extra paperwork to do.

There were some interesting viewpoints being expressed on the news tonight about the end of Col. Gaddafi’s reign in Libya. Here, they were saying that the countries who gave this nut a pass over the years have some soul searching to do including Italy and the U.S. Being more or less unaligned, Sweden feels it has a moral imperative to call other nations out on their shortcomings. They also walk the walk, however, having taken in many more Iraqis than the U.S. ever considered granting asylum to. In fact, Sweden had a policy at one time (they still might) that any Iraqi who could make it to Sweden was granted asylum.

All  this bureaucratic/diplomatic stuff is helping take my attention off the cloud shot that got away this morning. Thanks, self, I feel better now.


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