Day 103 — Congratulations to Oz

The nature is still here and every day is different as you can see:

But the earth shaking news on TV this morning was the rugby world championship match between Austrailia and Wales for 3rd place in the tournament.

Austrailia (in green) won 21 – 18. I know, this blog is degenerating badly. Even these shots of my TV set are horrible. Life, however, remains enjoyable. Mariette continues to be amazed at how the town has changed since she last lived here many years ago. She and her friends used to curse the town because there was nothing for teenagers to do. Now there are young people all over the place. Also, old people too. The front page of today’s paper has a picture of an 89 year old guy who is going to the world ping pong championships in Stockholm.

In Swedish class we watch Swedish films on Fridays and have been watching the Millennium Trilogy films based on Stieg Larsson’s bestselling books. I watched them with Mariette a year or two ago with English subtitles but watching the second one again yesterday all in Swedish with Swedish subtitles I could barely follow the story. What I took away from class yesterday is that I have a long ways to go, though I was able to order dinner for us in Swedish and the waitress managed to bring us what I think we ordered. The candle on our table somehow caught Mariette’s napkin on fire and they had to open a door to air out the smoke but other than that it was a great meal in one of many nice little restaurants we are discovering. It makes us miss the great downtown in Palo Alto less.


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