Days 104 and 105 — Incredible Fall Day

The days are getting cooler and shorter but an advantage of the sun being lower is more saturated colors everywhere. So far it seems like a fair trade off because it accentuates the beauty of this place. Mariette and I both took shots today and hers are the more professional ones by far. She has an eye and a real camera. I have an impulse and an Android phone.

Bianca agrees. She sat calmly for this portrait, as compared to yesterday when we went to Mariette’s folks for coffee and cakes. Mariette’s mother is spoiling Bianca mercilessly.

Bianca and her new BFF.

Okay, end of indulgence. Onto the nature shots. I’ll get mine out of the way first. The trail along the coast had as many people as I have ever seen on it, even during summer. Couples, a few joggers and cyclists and lots of families with young kids. That’s the kind of day it was today.

Here’s why birch trees fall over a lot here. Rain softens the ground. Wind comes up. Tiiiiiiimber! It’s a wonder these things stay up at all. Look how shallow that root system is.

The castle in town. It is still used by the regional governor.

The golf course was packed today as well.

Scuba diving class at the nearby beach. The water is pretty cold now so wetsuits are standard gear.

In the words of the immortal Porky Pig, “Th– th– th– th– th– th– that’s all, folks!”






2 thoughts on “Days 104 and 105 — Incredible Fall Day

  1. Beautiful! We have approx 2-3 more weeks before it really begins to look like fall here. But I started noticing it beginning to change a couple of days ago..

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