Days 109 and 110 — Security

This nifty little gizmo is called a dosa and it apparently makes it nearly impossible (well, harder, at least) to hack into a bank account. When you log in to your bank account you turn the thing on and enter your pin code. The dose then activates another longer series of numbers that you have to enter in order to access your account, pay bills, buy stuff online, etc. Each time you use it, it generates another series of numbers totally randomly which makes your account much more secure. Of course, my account is secure by virtue of the fact there is so little in it at the moment.

Just finished watching a replay of perhaps the wildest game in World Series history won by St. Louis in dramatic fashion in extra innings. One of the most poorly played games (five errors and a few other debatable calls that could have been scored as errors), yet one of the most memorable. Just unbelievable baseball. Fortunately, I am watching these on ESPN International and not Fox, which has the two worst announcers of all time.

This was our sky this afternoon around 4:30. Just think, Daylight Savings Time ends tomorrow night and this is what it will look like at 3:30 come Sunday. Well, I will be ready. I got my last needed article of clothing a couple days ago, winter boots.

Instead of Swedish class today, they took us to the regional museum here in town in an effort to expose us immigrants to some of the local culture. Mariette’s father had an exhibition here in 2010 which was very successful.

“Konst” means “Art.” The Louvre it’s not but the town is justifiably proud of it and the art scene here is more vibrant than one might suspect.

Meanwhile, good luck to St. Louis later tonight.



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