Day 112 — Still some leaves hanging on

It was overcast and foggy today which is perfect lighting for Mariette and her camera. She went out and took some really nice shots (with two exceptions at the end). The shots speak for themselves.

All those leaves have to wind up somewhere and our yard certainly is getting its share. Hence,

When I can carry on a conversation in Swedish, I will graduate to black socks, which is the European preference.



6 thoughts on “Day 112 — Still some leaves hanging on

  1. Excellent shots Marriete! What kind of camera is she using? Excellent USC- Stanford game as well, will go down as one of the most thrilling one ever.

  2. Lovely pictures Mariette! I’m inspired to go out myself, I’m back home in Lund now.
    Dan- craig wears black socks already, so he’s got a good chance to adapt then, right?

    • Helena, great you are back home. Hopefully we will meet soon. Yes, black socks make the transition smoother, but regardless of one’s preference for socks, no one can resist fika!

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