Day 113 — No wonder

For the last week or so I have been thinking “Hell, this Swedish weather isn’t so bad.” Temperatures have been in the 40s and low 50s. Not too much wind or rain. Pretty nice, actually with the leaves turned. I find out today that this is the mildest Fall they have had here in over 50 years. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the high 50s (15 C.), no rain and no wind. Our friends in the middle of the country usually have snow by now. Nothing but some rain.

I think the trick is to buy clothing for the worst of emergencies and when you are prepared the emergency never happens. I bought rain boots. Haven’t had to wear them once. Bought winter gear. The weather warmed up.

It has been overcast and got foggy in the afternoon but we can live with that.

Discovered this while out on a walk this morning: graffiti on the wall of an abandoned granite quarry.

All this granite tends to make you feel secure. No earthquakes in Sweden.

Also discovered these wild Christmas trees. One of them must be perfect for our little house in a month or so.

These were taken about 5:00 this afternoon. Wonderfully foggy.



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