Day 114 — San Francisco weather

Mild and foggy. We are in the midst of the warmest Fall in 58 years. Last year it got cold real early and they didn’t get to enjoy the leaves changing. So, we seem to have brought something of the Bay Area with is. With global climate change Sweden could become the new California. They are about the same size (Sweden is 14,000 square kilometers larger) and shape and Sweden has a high tech sector and a film industry. They are predicting a mild winter too since the summer was not particularly warm.

A pastime for people on the rocky beaches is standing rocks on top of one another and making little sculptures.

After taking these shots, I turned around and, sure enough, “Monkey see, monkey do” Bianca had gotten into the act.

We may have one of those star babies on our hands.

Got to watch the Stanford-USC game last night after having dinner at the neighbors’. They don’t have commercial breaks during games and they skip halftime so you can watch a 4 hour game in two hours. Of course, you never know which games are going to be shown; it seems very random and they emphasize the SEC and, for some unknown reason, the Big 10.



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