Days 115 and 116 — All Saints Day

Random stuff here, culminating with the first holiday leading up to the Christmas season, All Saints Day.

Mariette’s brother came for a visit. Bianca came for treats from Mariette’s mother.

One of the highlights of his visit was a  chance to read my collection of Zap comics that somehow I managed to save from nearly 40 years ago.

The town square was busy this morning with merchants at that stands and these musicians serenading anyone who came by.

They drained the fountain in the square so I was able to climb in and get some shots of Europa and the Bull from angles I have not seen before.

On Fridays we usually watch a film in Swedish class. We have been watching the Millennium Trilogy films based on Stieg Larsson’s books and today we saw the third in the trilogy. Luckily, I had seen them all before with English subtitles. Some people cut out of class on Fridays so the teachers brought popcorn and cokes today so the word will get out. I couldn’t believe it.

Okay, onto the main issue here. According to Wikipedia, All Saints Day occurs on November 1st but in practically-minded Sweden, it comes on the weekend, beginning on Friday. The day has various significances in different countries, but here it is a time to visit grave sites of departed ancestors. Many graves in the local church were lit  with candles and decorated with fir branches and flowers. The cemeteries here in Sweden are very well cared for. Inside the church, candles are also lit and people come for coffee and cakes and to visit.

Here’s the sky at 4:30 in the afternoon. I guess we are pretty far north.

The seemingly obligatory model of a ship that was saved from distress and given to the nearest church in thanks to God for delivering them from disaster. I cannot recall a church that did not have at least one ship hanging inside.

Outside the graves are well tended and decorated with pine branches and many had candles.

There is a real sense of something–reverence, appreciation, longing for–departed loved ones reflected in the care taken in Swedish cemeteries.

The flash on my camera made these shots look brighter than they were but it gives a sense of the care given to the memories of loved ones.

Only seven weeks and the days start getting longer again. Piece of cake.




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