Day 123 — Swedish innovation

National passions in Sweden are golf, miniature golf and “football,” i.e., soccer, which is the most popular of the three. (Though, in summer I seem to see more people playing mini golf than soccer.)

Out for a bike ride this morning I came upon a unique blend of all three. It is called fotbollminigolf and some genius has turned his field into possibly the world’s only fotbollminigolf course.

You kick a soccer ball from the tee over, around and through various obstacles and into the cup. Par is 77.

If only real golf courses had holes this big, I might still be playing.

That’s the clubhouse. Judging from the number of beer cans in the receptacles at each tee, I don’t think this is a serious threat to any of the three sources of inspiration for fotbollminigolf.

Here is a good picture of an old time Swedish roof. It is made of reeds that are abundant near the seashore. The stakes at the peak cap it off. These roofs are incredibly watertight and last for many years.

Here are shadows at about 3 in the afternoon. Golden hour was already in full swing with wonderfully saturated colors.


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