Days 124 and 125 — Drought conditions

I was watching the big boys today at the world weightlifting championships. One Iranian guy won the unlimited weight class by hoisting a cool 550 pounds over his head. These guys are so powerful and quick it is freaky. Another Iranian guy finished second. Think about lifting more than a quarter ton of weight from the floor and getting it over your head. Unbelievable.

True, I may have been suggestible because I awoke at 2:00 a.m. to watch the Stanford-Oregon football game which was broadcast live here. I will probably have to do the same thing next week when Oregon plays USC.

It is finally beginning to cool off around here. Temperatures are in the 30s now and we are due for some occasional nights of 0 degrees (32 F.) So long as the wind doesn’t start up I am okay with that. The weather people predict we might get a bit of rain next Sunday, which will mean almost 3 weeks without rainfall. Unheard of for the fall.




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