Days 126 and 127 — Finally, some cool weather

It hit -5 C. last night and was about -3 or 4 when Mariette got up and took some shots of the frost everywhere. Instead of it being cold, I say it is invigorating. This morning I broke my personal record for pushups and did 99 and 3/4. Can you believe that I could not push myself up that last few inches into the promised land? Pathetic but true. But it will get colder and, hopefully, just a tad more invigorating.

Anyway, here is our first real frost:

Granted, it’s not Vermont and never will be but they had snow here last November, which was very early. Usually it is December or January. I  hope we get some for Xmas next month.

Finally, I went into town this afternoon after class and grabbed this shot of the Xmas tree in the center square. It is just under 50 high. Don’t know if the lights are on yet but I will get a shot one evening when they are.



4 thoughts on “Days 126 and 127 — Finally, some cool weather

  1. On the push’s all about adrenalin when its cold. Nice pic’s. Hope you didn’t waste your time on the Stanford/Oregon game.

    • I guess I needed just one more drop of adrenaline! Yeah, I got up at 0200 to watch Oregon-Stanford live. They just can’t match Oregon’s speed. Same basic teams as last year, same score. I saw the game two years ago in Palo Alto and Stanford won 52-41. Best college game I ever saw in person. Oregon-USC should be good this weekend.

      • Dan,

        The question is why Oregon or the PAC 12 (or anyone else) can’t they beat the SEC? It has been a major topic on Sports Talk Radio here for days. The Analysis point is the D Line of the SEC are way too big and too fast. The Pac 12 aren’t fast and big enough on the D Line. There you go.

      • I tend to agree. But behind that I think there is more money being funneled to players in the SEC than elsewhere. They just need to start paying college players like they do minor league baseball players and be done with it.

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