Day 129 — Thinning the herd

Sweden has a lot of trees. One source says that about 65% of the country is forest so there is no shortage of trees. Here in our neighborhood they have instituted a program to thin the number of trees in the area. This is the second autumn this has been done. A month or so ago we noticed a couple guys knocking down the brush and saplings in the area. Then we started seeing some trees taken out. This is continuing, though I was told by a neighbor this morning that the money for the project has run out. I also learned that there are two camps here in Görvik, those who want the trees left alone and those who want them taken away so the view to the see is more open. The Sea People and the Tree People argue about this and those who scream the loudest get their way. We have not been here during autumn so never saw this thinning operation. But there have been quite a few trees taken down judging from the piles along the road.

Hmmmm. Reviewing this post makes me think I have hit a new low on this blog.

Well, tomorrow is Mariette’s mom’s birthday so I am sure we will have photos of her spoiling Bianca rotten with meatballs and cookies.

One bit of news relating to yesterday’s post, one of the 17 men going to stand trial for seeing Halmstad’s only prostitute was an official in the regional government. He has made the front page of the paper twice in the last week. Public opprobrium seems to be the punishment of choice here in Sweden.



8 thoughts on “Day 129 — Thinning the herd

  1. I have my own summerplace with lots of trees south of Stockholm. Some of my neighbors are quick to cut down theirs, while I am not. I like the shade they give, the trunks and branches, the birds nesting and flying from one branch to the next. I like to be able to watch the small birds finding their way, having places to stop.

  2. Dan you’ve got your exercise for the winter sitting beside the road…you need to start lugging the wood to your yard and get that splitter and putting up your firewood for next year. This way it will have plenty of time to dry out. Wet wood, ie: cut within the last 6 mos. or just left on the ground uses 20% plus of it’s own energy to dry it’s self, out in your fire place or stove, plus it coats the inside of your chimney with combustibles due to it’s incomplete burn. So, start stacking your wood and cover it from the rain and snow. Over here one pays $250+ for dry wood by the cord. So I’m always looking for ways to save. Of course oil is almost twice the cost of wood per Btu.

    When you get your wood lugged, split and stacked you can do Olle’s and Ella’s.

    • well, we have wood that has been sitting for more than a year but i have no way of splitting it. not gonna do it by hand and cannot locate a log splitter. i was looking at some videos on chimney fires yesterday. i had no idea. but i guess creosote builds up in the chimney if you use wet wood. problems, problems. our heaters work well, however.

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