Days 130 and 131 — Mariette’s mom

We had a celebration for Mariette’s mom’s birthday on Saturday. She turned 81 but is more limber than most 25 year olds. She is like the Energizer Bunny and keeps going and going and going. Except when she is laying in the sun during summer, which is most of the time. We had a couple sunny days last week with temperatures around 50 and she was catching some rays then, too. Her idea of a birthday party was: she cooks the meal, she bakes the cake, no one brings presents and we all have a great time. Bianca did not get the message about no presents and presented two framed photos of herself as a gift along with a large chocolate bar. These were extremely well received and Ella spent the rest of the afternoon spoiling her new BFF with meatballs and cookies. The meal and cake were both fabulous.

Sunday is spent watching the college games from the day before (remember, we are 9 hours ahead of the West Coast, so Oregon-USC was replayed in the morning and Cal-Stanford tonight. Games are much faster with no commercials and no halftime. One sports oriented comment, which will probably only be understood by one person (Mike) but I have to say it: a huge difference between Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley was very apparent if one watched both the Stanford-Oregon game and the USC-Oregon game. Near the end of the Stanford game, Luck threw an interception that was the receiver’s fault; the ball skipped off the guy’s hands and was picked off. On the sidelines, Luck patted the guy (a freshman) on the shoulder and say something on the order of “No sweat.” In the USC game, Barkely and his tailback mixed up a play which resulted in a fumble recovered by Oregon which led to a late score. Coming off the field, Barkley was chewing out the running back, though the mix up was as much Barkley’s fault as the other guy’s. The announcers were the same pair that did both games and they commented on both incidents. I am sure this was not lost on any of the NFL scouts who are interested in both players.

Anyway, if there is anyone left reading this blog after that, the sun poked its head out late in the afternoon, like about 3:30, and we had a very nice sunset and here is some proof:

Next weekend the Christmas season begins with Advent. Mariette is going to immerse me in all the Swedish Christmas traditions. Stay tuned.


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