Day 139 — Storm aftermath

Last night’s storm was a little worse, it turns out, than I conveyed in the last post. Turns out that a lot of folks lost power, a restaurant at the sea got destroyed and winds were gusting at hurricane strength. By this morning, things had settled down considerably and we took a walk to see what was what. Prins Bertils Path was a royal mess. The sea had washed rocks and debris past it and made is impassable in sections. The local newspaper was telling people yesterday not to go outdoors, which we pooh-poohed but by last night their suggestion made a lot of sense, particularly near the forests. A lot of trees and branches came down.

The little local fish market got pretty well trashed though the building itself appeared fine.

This boat and the canoe below were wrecked.

This is what remains of the benches at our bathing area.

Bianca loved to play on the benches and still does.

This restaurant at Tylösand got destroyed pretty much.

I have posted this angle of the beach at Tylösand several times. This morning the sea had covered the beach.

This paved stretch of the path was impassable.

Lots of trees down but we awoke to the sound of chainsaws and clean up work was going full blast.

Lots and lots of new timber.  By late this afternoon when I came back from town the roads and bike paths had been cleared.

I should have taken a shot of our yard because there was not a leaf anywhere. I would have thought that if our leaves blew away that a neighbor’s would have blown into our yard. But, nope, our lawn was pristine.

It appears that the only real tragedy is that they took away the Christmas tree from the big square in town and we are not sure if they are going to erect another one. Mariette thinks they are a bunch of skinflints and that we will not get another one. We shall see. Anyhow, yesterday was quite dramatic for the first day of Advent.



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