Days 140, 141 and 142 — Sweden in December

It should be a sheet of ice here, at least that was the mental picture I had of Sweden in December. But, as the autumn has been the mildest in nearly 60 years, the grass is still green and growing and the golf courses are still busy as you can see here.

One side benefit of our recent storm is zero leaves on the lawn anymore. They all went somewhere.

According to the paper, this is the third time that our coastal path, Prins Bertils Stig has been destroyed since it was opened in 1998. Some parts look like they were not touched at all, but others were trashed as I showed in Monday’s post. The hardest hit area of all was our little swimming place where the benches were torn away and the railings torn down. There is talk now of moving parts of the path further away from the sea. Meanwhile clean up is continuing.

As for the golf courses, people are still out there. They were out there the day after the storm and probably cannot believe their lucky stars that they can still play this late in the year.

Finally, there was a new tree in the town square, though much fuzzier than the one that blew over on Sunday.

Though my stupid cell phone camera gives the impression that there are colored lights on the tree, know that there are almost NO colored Christmas lights in Sweden, only white. True, I showed some blue ones on Sunday’s post, but those were a rarity. It is almost exclusively white lights here. Mariette was remarking that while many things have changed since she left Sweden, some things have not changed a single bit including Xmas lights and window decorations and children’s books. On Sunday we find out if the julbord (Christmas smorgasbord) has changed because we are going to a fancy one in Tylösand.


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