Day 143 — Swedish dramas :-(

Each Friday in Swedish class they show us Swedish movies with Swedish subtitles to we can understand the movie better. After today’s film I asked the teacher if we couldn’t please watch a comedy next week. Swedish dramas, of which we have seen several, are really depressing. Dark and depressing. Today’s fare was about a woman who grew up with two alcoholic parents and there are flashbacks to her childhood and all the crap going on at home. Then, in the present her mother is dying and in the end dies and the girl, now married and a mother herself is devastated at the end and that’s how it ends. Wonderful. Last week we saw an action movie about the Crusades and the hero finally returns to the his long suffering wife and beautiful children from a war with the Danes after being away for years in fighting in the Holy Land and, you guessed it, dies. End of movie.

I told the teacher after today’s Depress-a-thon that we felt like going out and killing ourselves and she just smiled sweetly and said, “Go home and take care of your families,” which I guess was the message of the film.

Fortunately, the sunsets can be dramatically beautiful around here when the clouds clear. You have to shoot quickly because it changes rapidly.

Fortunately, today’s film will not coincide with tomorrow’s weather which is predicted to be rain and wind. Again, thank the stars for our vitamin D supplements!


2 thoughts on “Day 143 — Swedish dramas :-(

    • Stefan, I would welcome some Berman films on Fridays. Fanny and Alexander ends with a wonderfully happy scene. Svinalägornas was a downer from beginning to end. Mariette’s brother studied film at Lund and recommended some comedies like Torsk på Telin (or something along those lines).Went to my first julbord today and was övermät by the end!

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