Days 144 and 145 — Second Week of Advent

Saturday was our first truly miserable day weather wise here. Mother Nature hit the trifecta:  cold, rain and wind. Here is a picture from the inside of a warm, clean bus:

Today was much better. I mean, how much better can you get for gripping, heart-stopping reality TV than women’s curling? Sweden stomped Scotland 8-3, whatever that means.

Bianca was not impressed.

Things improved considerably when we went to Hotel Tylösand for my first julbord (literally Yule table). A julbord is the ne plus ultra of smörgåsbords and is a highlight of the Christmas season in Sweden. Each Sunday leading up to Christmas restaurants all over Sweden serve julbords. Family get togethers also have a julbord and it is truly a feast with every imaginable kind of bread, cheese, meats, fish, cold cuts, warm dishes, fruit and deserts.

Hotel Tylösand is located right on the coast. The dining room overlooks the sea and the rain held off, so, for Sweden in December, this was a beautiful day even though it was cold and windy. The restaurant was all decked out awaiting the starving throng.

At 1:00 things got going, and the place filled up within minutes. Swedes are notoriously punctual.

First stop was the fish table. There were five types of salmon (delicious), herring or every type and description, all inedible, cold cuts (sausages, salami, pressed ham), salads, breads, cheeses and on and on.

Plate #1, herring and all.

Over the lips and over the gums, look out, stomach, here it comes!

Mariette is slightly amused.

 Plate #2, Jansson’s Temptation (potatoes, anchovies and onions in sauce, yummmy), green, brown and red cabbage, ribs, meatballs, applesauce and shrimp omelette.

Next, the dessert table.

Rice pudding with fruit sauce, also yummy. They used to put a coin in the pudding and the person who got the coin got to make a wish. When people started swallowing the coins, they switched to an almond. Either way, this dessert was incredible.

Plate #3, take 2.

Parents and kids danced around the tree to traditional Swedish Christmas songs about frogs, crows and pigs.


At one point the conga line took off around the tables. Everybody was enjoying themselves.

Our waiter disappeared suspiciously and shortly thereafter Santa Claus appeared to hand out brown bags of something to the kids.

I haven’t had a sugar high like that in a long time. And so, a new tradition was born. We are going to enjoy this every year from here on out.

Being the second week of Advent, we lit our first and second candles.

In other words, today was much better then yesterday!

God Jul, everyone!



3 thoughts on “Days 144 and 145 — Second Week of Advent

  1. Hey Mariette and Dan –
    Looks really scrumptious – do they have festive meals like this in the spring and summer? Looks like the Swedes really make this a festive time of the year!

  2. Dan,

    This is your best blog ever since you moved to Sweden, Photo’s captured the moment of the XMAS season perfectly.

    And, that is while The NCAA College football, had once again had another controversial BCS Championship match

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