Day 146 — Winter sighting

The folks at the weather service are finally predicting some winter weather. It finally snowed up north. They say that five days of temperatures at 0 degrees C. or below signifies winter weather. That is not in our forecast here but it was about 4 C. today with wind, which makes it feel surprisingly colder. Wind chill was never real to me before.

Had some nice hail overnight and then again this morning as I was helping a neighbor get the tires changed on his car.

Because the sun is fairly low in the sky all day, the colors are more saturated as long as the sun is shining. I took these this morning:

I got there a couple of minutes late for this last shot. I have done that a lot over the course of this blog.

Director David Fincher was wondering how Swedes survive the winters. He spent last winter filming the Hollywood remake of Girl with the Dragon Tatoo in rural Sweden and was amazed how people can stand it. A Swedish news service then asked a bunch of Swedes about how they survive and their answer was put on more clothes and drink hot chocolate.  To them winter is more cozy. That is the mind set. Cozy.


5 thoughts on “Day 146 — Winter sighting

  1. The way I heard it was more clothes and Akvavit and you better start getting into that “cozy” state of mind. I love following your blog, pics as well as writings. You sound like you’re having the most pleasurable adventure of your life. Splurge on it!

      • The weather’s great wintery weather. Expecting snow this weekend but we’re not yet as covered as we will be. I’m really looking forward to strapping on the staves and gliding down the hills.
        I wouldn’t position the US with Sweden. From what I read in the international news your president actually stands-up to the bankers; he doesn’t just wimp out and blame in on the congress. Although, God knows they deserve the blame. Too bad we couldn’t organize a “Occupy the Senate”. Although their next target will be wild and dangerous. They’re going to “Occupy our Homes”. The ones the banks fraudulently foreclosed with their quickie paper work. They’re going to break in and move a displaced family in and then protect them from the cops.
        I’d want Chuck Norris as my guard.

      • From the reports it is really falling apart over there. What they are really sweating, though, are probably the $600 B automatic defense cuts that are due to kick in. What a joke. Happy skiing!

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