Days 148 and 149 — Swedish lesson for today

It started out cold today, but with no wind, so it was actually pleasant even at -4 C, which is around 25 F. The mornings tend to be clearer here and then cloud over in the afternoon, the exact opposite of the Bay Area. With the sun being low, the colors are very beautiful nearly all day long.

Lots of frost and frozen ground.

This is about 9:00 a.m. In June it will be like this at 5:00 a.m., though we’ll be sleeping.

Initially, Bianca was barking at this toy gorilla, but they eventually became friends.

The big event of the day, though, was our Swedish lesson for the day: a game of floorball, or, as it is called in Sweden, innebandy (indoor bandy). It is like indoor field hockey with hockey sticks (but shorter and lighter and made of plastic) and a wiffle ball, six to a side. The game was developed in Sweden and the Scandinavian countries and European countries like Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic play it a lot. Our class played against the other SFI classes. From the chaos that resulted, they don’t play much floorball in America, Kosovo, Bosnia, Turkey or Romania. Still it was a lot of fun. There is a movement by the international federation to make it an Olympic sport in 2020. Today, there  are even professional leagues in Finland and Sweden.

We walked to a gym nearby.

That’s yours truly in the center with the black sweatshirt, which soon came off. By the end of the game I was dripping wet.

Chilling at halftime.

This girl had played before, it was obvious. she had her own stick and scored some nifty goals. Bandy shots have been clocked at 205 km/hr which is about 125 mph. Even a wiffle ball at that speed would hurt.

Team/class photo. We a lot of fun even though we lost. The guy in the center with the black t-shirt is our teacher.

Finally, here is the sky at around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. The overcast doesn’t help. Storm  coming tomorrow but no snow in the forecast. I think that will come after Christmas.



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