Day 150 — Swedes being Swedes

Sometime in the summer I did a post about the popular Swedish activity of crowds of people engaging in mass singsongs. These are broadcast live throughout the country from Stockholm famous open air museum, Skansen.

Little did I suspect that they would do the same thing in the dead of December. At night! The pictures below are proof that Swedes don’t seem to bother much about the weather. It is the most consistent topic in the news all year round but at this time it appears to be mostly a guide to which parka to wear because nothing apparently is going to stop Swedes from having their singalong. I find this incredible.

Lisaberg is the amusement park in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenberg. JulLotta is a play on the words Jul, which means Christmas, and otta, which refers to the morning of the 25th when Swedes get up early and go to church (most likely for the only time of the year). The host’s name is Lotta.

Songs are interspersed with chatting with performers, corny comedy bits and so forth.

And the audience loves it.

The words run along the bottom of the screen so people can sing along at home. Mariette’s comment: “Is that ridiculous or what?”

The audience spans all ages.

What a people.




3 thoughts on “Day 150 — Swedes being Swedes

  1. Ha! A protest: I actually had a discussion with my girlfriend once on how much the producer would have to pay me in order for me to show up at one of those events – true story. I think my fee was 15.000 kronor.

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