Day 151 — Big Day for Sweden

Today was the presentation of the Nobel Prize awards, Alfred Nobel’s ongoing campaign to make up the damage for inventing nitroglycerin back in the 1800s. It is a huge deal in Sweden, as you can imagine.

This is the King of Sweden, his wife Queen Victoria to his right and the pregnant Princess Victoria and husband Daniel to his left. A socialist country with royalty. Go figure.

The guy in the wheelchair is Tomas Tranströmer, a Swedish poet who won the prize for literature. The country is very, very proud of him as he is the first Swede to win a prize in many years. He suffered a stroke  not too long ago, unfortunately.

The King presenting an award. We didn’t really watch this because we other fish to fry today, namely getting our Christmas tree.

Dragged it home from the lot in a windstorm.

We couldn’t get too big a tree because our house is so small. Swedish trees are usually quite sparse compared to the Douglass Firs that are common in America. This was the fullest one we could find. Mariette dressed it up quite nicely.

Our prized ornaments, Emily and Sam.

Hyacinths smelling up the house in a good way.

Frost. 2 1/2 weeks until winter. Still no snow but I got hit with some flakes of something this morning on my way to pick up the tree. Kind of icy, slushy flakes.

These are in nearly every window in homes, offices, shops. They are ubiquitous.

These seven pointed stars are also everywhere.

And of course, poinsettias. To top off the day, we got a visit from Mariette’s cousin Helena. She is a very typical Swedish woman, pretty very sweet, outdoorsy, great cook, very grounded. A few years ago she biked the length of Sweden, plays bandy, does orienteering, camps, etc. Very typical Swede. Even Bianca took to her, which is saying something.

Tomorrow we are going to visit her family for another Swedish Christmas tradition. Stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “Day 151 — Big Day for Sweden

    • Yet one more example of how deficient my Swedish is. I was reading the Swedish subtitles of someone’s speech and kept seeing something that looked like nitroglycerin. Thanks for clarifying!

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