Days 157 and 158 — Julbord 2.0

A couple days walking along the coast trail that was newly messed up by a recent storm we met this lady out for her daily 10 km walk. To me she typifies a Swedish senior citizen. She is out walking nearly every day no matter the weather and when we talked to her she had already walked 7 or 8 km (4-5 miles) and was on her way back home.

Many of the elderly folks we run into seem awfully vigorous and this gal is a perfect example.

The main activity of the day, however, was another fantastic Christmas table, or julbord, at the invitation of an old friend of Mariette’s from years ago when they used to work together. On our way out to meet them we stopped in town for some things and came upon what passes for a demonstration in Sweden. The county fathers are cutting back on the school budget and teachers, parents and school kids were voicing their displeasure in front of the city hall at noon.

These shots were taken before things got going but they had a decent turnout. Unions are very strong in Sweden compared to the U.S. and maybe a strike would get some attention.

Meanwhile, Christmas continues. Some really nice decorations for sale in the big square.

Handmade is the only way they go here.

We had our julbord at an old farm now converted to a restaurant and upscale boutique.

An early Volvo in the parking lot.

This place was built to last. The walls are nearly a yard thick. This used to house cows and horses. This evening it housed pigs. (No offense to the people who invited us; I’m referring to Mariette and me. No offense to Mariette, I really mean myself.)

You can see how thick the walls are in this shot.

Yeah, it was cold today, mainly because of the wind which has been blowing recently.

The dessert table.

All manner of pates.

Also, many kinds of herring. Ahem, I think I’ll move to the cold cuts and cheeses.

Look, another dessert table!

Mariette took this shot of me just before the waitstaff asked me to please sit at a table like everyone else.

That’s Jonas next to Mariette, Ola across from her and his wife Agneta to Mariette’s right along with their two sons. Wonderful conversation along with wonderful food makes for a wonderful Christmas. And we still have a week to go.

This is a typical Swedish Christmas tree, very much more spare than the comparatively lush Douglas Firs we get in America. Here is a better shot of the top branches.

I am used to fuller trees but Mariette and Agneta thought this one was just fine.

I don’t have a shot of the most amazing part of the day, unfortunately. After we had eaten our fill, Jonas, Ola and Agneta walked home about 2 miles in the cold and wind while their sons drove us home. And they happily looked forward to it! What else can be said about these people?

Me, I’m ready for a good night’s sleep!




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