Days 160, 161 and 162 — One Short Day

Today, being the winter solstice and thus the shortest day of the year, this will be the shortest post of the year. Mr. Sun was so embarrassed of showing himself so late in the morning (8:42) that he hid behind a thick cloud cover. This is where he should have shown his face:

That little pier points to the spot. Later in the day, around 10:30 he almost showed his face:

Finally, at the ripe hour of 3:30, he was gone again. This shows where he would have gone:

And there you have it, 6 hours and 48 minutes of day today. Anybody reading this in the northern part of the country is laughing I’m sure because up there, they had zero today.

Tomorrow the days start getting longer again and around June 21st Sol should be up and about for 17+ hours.


2 thoughts on “Days 160, 161 and 162 — One Short Day

  1. Years ago when my sis was still in the navy, she spent a year in Iceland. It was fascinating to me how it could affect a person if the sun spent all of it’s time during the day below the horizon or when it never really became dark at all for a 24 hour stretch. So far you seem to be weathering it well, Dan!

    • Linda, Yeah, I credit Vitamin D for it. Seriously. I just had my levels tested and came out in the optimum range. I take a supplement every day and it helps. Vitamin D apparently interacts with about 6,000 genes and has a lot to do with health. Like I said, though, the people in Kiruna are probably laughing at me, “7 hours of daylight?! That clown should come here and see what it’s like!”

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