Day 163 — A longer day

Today, the sun rose one minute earlier than yesterday.

School is now closed, Mariette is off work and we are sliding into the holiday mood. A lot of Swedes do not put up their Christmas trees until a day or two before Christmas. We have had ours up for a while along with our decorations.

Not going to be a white Christmas. In fact, it will be in the 40s and even sunny on the 24th. There is a lot of snow now in the middle of the country but not here on the coast.

Tomorrow is Lilla Julafton or Little Christmas Eve. It is sort of a pre-Christmas Eve. Swedes really milk the season for all it’s worth. And we are enjoying it immensely.


2 thoughts on “Day 163 — A longer day

  1. D,

    Time for Bowl season. Barkley is back for another year at USC. Glad your sun days will get longer. I predict you will indeed get some snow in Jan. Nice Xmas tree!

    • Yeah, saw the news about Barkley. Kiffin must be deep inside his head. But also, Barkley saw that Luck did the right thing by coming back and next year Barkley will be the #1 pick. Merry Christmas to you and Betsy.

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