Day 164 — Lilla Julafton (Little Christmas Eve)

I recently found out that Swedes celebrate Christmas on the 24th which seemed kind of sacrilegious until Mariette pointed out that Swedes have been celebrating Christmas since before there was even an America. End of argument.

The day before the day before Christmas is called Lilla Julafton and it is a day that people can take off work, I think. You basically make your preparations for Christmas, which happens tomorrow. So, we did, along with much of Halmstad. People were out in force today doing their last minute business.

For some reason, flags were up all over the place including our neighbor two houses down. I’m not sure what that is about, but national and EU flags were evident in town.

The central square was busy as were the surrounding streets.

Long line in front of the ATM. Mariette obviously thought it was a stick-up.

Pretty bad street scene shot, that. There are little shops like this one we went into nestled in alleys amongst the H&Ms and larger department stores.

Fuzzy is better than nothing, I guess. Sorry.

Courtyard leading down into the shop.

All kinds of little handmade items.

This is a painting that Mariette’s dad and I have been collaborating on. It is only included here because we are showing him the blog tomorrow. They are not on the ‘net at her parents’ house.

Tonight, we topped it off with a fantastic smoked salmon dinner prepared by Mariette with blueberries and ice cream for dessert.

Finally, for anyone who did not receive this via e-mail:

Enough said. God Jul från Halmstad!


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