Day 166 — Juldagen (Christmas Day)

The 25th is not the big day in Sweden. That was yesterday, but the big event on Christmas morning is called julotta. It consists of getting up early and going to church at around 7:00 a.m. So we did, courtesy of our neighbor who drove. The weather turned lousy again and it began raining around 0300 and was just stopping around the time we left for church.

I actually took this photo after the service was over after 8:00. An hour earlier it was too dark for my camera.

Lighting the candles on the chandeliers with a propane torch.

The pews were about half full. Bad weather probably kept some away.

The organ music and singer were excellent. A collection was taken and the proceeds will to a girls’ school in Palestine. Swedes are quite supportive of the Palestinians in their efforts for statehood. I can’t comment on the sermon and forget now what Mariette told me it was about.

After the service we went back to our neighbor’s house for very strong glögg, coffee and biscuits with some other neighbors. The weather cleared somewhat but was kind of stormy most of the day. Bianca and I went for a long walk through the forest and came upon this hill that provided a nice view of an abandoned quarry.

Other than that, the 25th is an anticlimax here. People spend the day playing with their new toys, out walking, weather permitting, or going to movies in town or watching them on TV. We talked to family in the U.S. and watched “Amadeus” tonight on TV without commercials, which is a matter of course on Swedish TV on some channels.

Hope you all had a great day. In the U.S., the 26th is usually a mad day to return items and take advantage of the after Christmas sales. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow here, but I highly doubt it will be that. Stay tuned and we will find out together.


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