Day 167 — Annandag Jul (Second Christmas Day)

The day after Christmas Day is another official part of the Christmas season. When it falls on a weekday, as it did today, people get off work. It signals the beginning of the middle days, or the days between Christmas and New Years. As in the U.S., this is the time for post-Christmas sales in stores. In America, the stores probably opened at midnight as they did on Thanksgiving. Here, the stores were mostly closed. Some of the stores in the center of town, like H&M, were open from noon to 4:00 p.m. Clearly, Swedes have a lot to learn about consumerism. Other than this, I have no idea what special significance Annandag Jul holds.

An old friend from Mariette’s school days came over with her husband for fika this afternoon and we shot the breeze, had fika and went for a walk. That was it for Annandag Jul. Watched a documentary about the hockey player Peter Forsberg who recently retired after a stellar career for the Swedish national team and in the NHL.

On my morning walk with Bianca, however, we came across a mystery in the forest: lots and lots of Christmas type trees newly cut and just lying there. I have no idea what this is all about.

Many were obviously too large for use in someone’s house but many would have made nice Christmas trees.

There must have been 100 trees cut down in just this one area. Maybe one of the natives reading the blog can enlighten us because I have no idea. There certainly is no shortage of trees in the area so it may be someone just thinning the forest. That is just speculation on my part, though.


4 thoughts on “Day 167 — Annandag Jul (Second Christmas Day)

  1. Peter Forsberg was an outstanding Hockey player. Stores here today did not open at 12AM like Black Friday. I was at Fashion Island today at Newport Beach, CA (a high end outdoor mall here), and it was an ok “flow”.

    Hope you having a good XMAS.

    • Mike, Thanks for the report from the provinces. Glad people are taking it easy over there! Watched a replay of Game 6 of the World Series just now. One of the all time great baseball games in history. Going to get fireworks tomorrow for NY Eve. They are legal here and it promises to be a war zone at midnight on the 31st!

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