Day 170 — Ending the year with a bang

It was stormy this morning but not as stormy as we thought it was going to be. Still, the lighting was dramatic and, once again, we pinched ourselves to be living in such an area.

Mariette heard someone on TV today saying that because of the climate change that Sweden may no longer experience winters in the south but just a long period of fall-like weather that moves into Spring. I hope not, but I am probably in the minority around here.

When the sun comes out the colors are very saturated because it does not get above 20 degrees or so at this time of year.

What really made today great, however, is this:

FIREWORKS! Fireworks are legal in Sweden, at least for New Years, and from what I hear, every house sets them off to ring in the New Year. I remember fireworks as a kid and loved them but bit by bit they were more and more outlawed until now you have to go to one of the officially sanctioned events put on by cities in the Bay Area to get your fireworks fix at 4th of July or New Years.

No longer. We have our own and some of these skyrockets will shoot up 100 meters. The biggest thing we ever had as kids was pop bottle rockets. I got a high end package that has things in it like Cruiser and UFO. Can’t wait to see that one.

Two days ’till showtime!


3 thoughts on “Day 170 — Ending the year with a bang

  1. Wow!!! Dan you truly are an amazing photographer!! What great photos!! What type of camera do you use? Amazing! I check in and the first thing I see are these photos! Happy New Year to you and Mariette.

    • Hi, Mark. Happy 2012 to you, too! If there are good photos, they are probably taken by Mariette and her Nikon Rebel, which is a low end professional camera. I just use my cell phone camera which often does not shoot very clear pictures. But thanks just the same. You are probably commenting on Mariette’s photos!

      • Now that I look again, you are in the photos, so it must be Mariette! What great photos and beautiful landscapes! Happy New Year to you both and please pass my complements to Mariette and her Nikon Rebel!!

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