Day 180-Something: Oops!

Long about mid-December it dawned on me that something was wrong with my numbering of the days on my posts. We started the blog on July 5th so January 5th will be six months which should be Day 183. Well, there I was on New Year’s Eve crowing about all the fun we had on Day 172. It seems 8 days have gone missing from the blog. No big deal because everybody in the U.S. is watching the bowl games today. So today is now officially Day 182 or thereabouts.

Another unseasonably mild day for January in Sweden. I might have mentioned that some weather experts said this was one of the warmest Decembers in the past 250 years and that in future years due to climate change winters here in the south will more like extended Falls that move into spring. There are reports already of people finding mushrooms in the forests as well as strawberry plants and buds on trees. Shades of the Bay Area where the trees blossom in January or February.

I would not mind getting some snow but everyone I talk to loves the weather this winter. Last year they had five months of snow and freezing weather and that was a bit much.

Just a few gratuitous shots of sunset this afternoon around 3:30.



2 thoughts on “Day 180-Something: Oops!

  1. No worries Brother on the day count. To tell you truth I got distracted with all the shit news that hit the fan 11:59 pm 2011 (LOL). Meanwhile we had some great bowl games on Jan 2nd 2012, and the best was the Stanford/OK State Fiesta Bowl, wow cannot believe the Stanford kicker screwed up not once,not twice but actually 3 times.
    Meanwhile we enjoyed whale watching in So Cal today with 77 degree F temps, and spotted 3 whales. A nice day.

  2. I stayed up for the Rose Bowl but will watch the Fiesta Bowl later on replay today. I’m glad I didn’t stay up for it, though it looks like another great bowl game. There have been some beauties this season.

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