Days 182, 183, 184 — Swedish Big Macs

This concoction is a semla bun. It is about the size of a hamburger bun but instead of two patties, pickle, onions and special sauce, it contains whipped cream and almond-something-or-other. They hit the shelves after Christmas (which actually is still not officially over yet) and are supposed to help keep weight on during the harsh Swedish winters. Of course, if this winter gets any less harsh, we will be out picking blackberries by the Super Bowl.

People were supposed to eat these on something called Fat Tuesday which was the day before Lent. People were supposed to fast for the 40 days before Easter but were allowed to eat bread. Some genius discovered that by stuffing the cream into the bread, that was allowable and helped to raise the caloric intake. I will attest that semla buns are as dangerous as they look.

This one fortified me for dealing with the storm of the past two days. The wind has really been blowing the past two days and parts of the country have experienced flooding. Still, though, no snow down here. The neighborhood surfers love weather like this. The wind is coming from the southwest and whipping up the waves (for here, anyway).

Biking into town today was a breeze. Not so coming back.

Christmas officially ends on Friday. Tune in then.



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