Days 189, 190 and 191 — Not letting go

Took the dog out for a walk late tonight and noticed that every house but ours still has their Christmas lights and decorations up and burning. Mariette led me to believe that “trettondag jul!” was it for Christmas. Apparently, however, it ends this Friday the 13th on the 20th day of Christmas.

Half the houses in our little residential community are summer houses and many of these have lights on at night regulated by timers to ward off break ins. I wonder what a burglar would take from a summer house. Beach towels? The model sailboat in the window?

The rest of the houses I saw on our walk had their Christmas stuff up still. How’s that for three days’ worth of posts?

Life otherwise is returning to routine after the holidays. Mariette started a new job at a preschool nearby, which she loves and I moved onto a new Swedish class, which I hate. It is mostly conversation and I am swimming in confusion. My next purchase will be one of those translator pens that you can swipe over a word and it will translate it for you. Then I am going to study at home at least part of the time and learn a ton of words to give myself a fighting chance.

A bit of horrifying news: our TV service provider lost their rights to carry ESPN America so when I turned it on this morning to catch SportsCenter the station was gone. As in pffffft! I called them this afternoon to find out what is going on and the guy gave me the bad news. I cannot imagine what I would have done if they had pulled the plug the day of the LSU-Alabama game. At least the channel that shows the NFL games is still part of our package. But it looks like there is a new service provider in our future. At least before March Madness.




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