Day 194 — Our favorite restaurant so far

We found this very cool deli in town that serves natural food, etc. Heavy emphasis on “eco” food, which is how organic is known in Sweden.

This display shows there packaging, etc. It is all made from corn syrup! Corn syrup! It apparently costs twice as much as regular packaging but is totally degradable and recyclable. Corn syrup.

Chicken burger with salad and fried root fruits which are our new passion. Really good stuff.

Tomato soup and broccoli soup. Everything has a strong taste, like food is supposed to taste.

The ponds are beginning to freeze. Temperatures are near zero the last couple days. Clear, sunny skies all day today and many people were out walking and even barbecuing in their parkas! Love this place.

That is a barbecue to the left of those two girls.

But enough of that. It is 10:30 and time to watch football. Go, Niners!




7 thoughts on “Day 194 — Our favorite restaurant so far

  1. Well Dan, We’ve got winter here, by your Swedish standards, and I’m sorry that you’re missing it.
    We got a foot or so of snow, in the yard, and the temp is -23.333 C (-10F). The only bad part is the winds with gusts up to 56+ KPH (35MPH). That makes the wind chill factor unmentionable in the -40 C (-40F) and if you’re not properly clothed it’s frostbite in about 10 min. Shiver me timbers!

    Boy am I going through the wood! I’m keeping the fire going all through the night and when I miss a time to stoke it, the Temp in the house drops quickly. Yesterday the temp in the house was 12 C (54 F)in the morning when I got up. Yeow! It took me an hour to get it so we could work. But with the right clothes there’s no problem except when you’re just sitting at the computer.

    • Oj, oj, oj, as we say here. My advice is to keep moving. Sitting at a computer is certain death. Keep that parka on 24/7. You will be happy to hear we got a light dusting of snow last night. But winter is apparently going to pass us by here this year. Stay warm!

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