Days 192 and 193 — Spring?!

These babies are called something or others but at the moment I cannot recall what and Mariette has gone to bed.

Snow drops. They’re called snow drops. I just remembered and they are the things Swedes look for as a sign that the dreadful winter will soon be over and spring will arrive. Well, Mariette took these shots this afternoon in a neighbor’s yard. It has been that kind of a winter. A neighbor told me this morning that he did not think there was going to be any snow in this part of Sweden this winter.

New leaves popping up on branches.

New buds on the rhododendron bush in the yard.

These little guys are off a branch from a tree that blew down in a storm about 7 weeks ago and have since sprouted.


And just a few shots so your space isn’t all smashed in from these extreme close ups.

Mariette’s favorite house. 100 meters from the sea. Getting back to the weather, a recent  newspaper article predicted a warm summer, especially July. Can’t wait. For now, we will take spring. For it to officially be winter there has to be five days in a row with temperatures of minus 5 C. or below. We have had one or two though in the coming week it is supposed to drop to minus 5 one day. So, we will see.




One thought on “Days 192 and 193 — Spring?!

  1. I love the commercial at the end of this posting! Very funny!

    The closeups are incredible. Go Mariette!

    The Deli looks wonderful….Yum! Food that tastes like food.

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