Days 195 to 200 — Going dark, like Wikipedia

In support of the protests against the two potentially dangerous laws before Congress, SOPA and PIPA, this blog has been dark for the last week.

Either that or the week was so damn boring with nothing to report that I could not bring myself to show you any shots of gray days and the tortures of Swedish class. However, both counts were rectified today.

We got up this morning, and . . .

It snowed, at least a little. Snow in Sweden. Who knew?

This called for a long walk on the golf course, forest and beach with my little pal. Please realize that, growing up in the Bay Area, it snowed a grand total of one day the whole time I lived there. So, it may have only been an inch or so, but it changed the environment significantly.

The quarry pond was frozen. Rocks make a really cool ricocheting sound when you skip them off the ice.

By late morning the sun came out and it turned into an absolutely gorgeous day. No wind, bright sun and blue skies.

Dogs like snow cones, too. No lemon flavor, though.

Today I took a written test for my Swedish class. I had to write an essay on the subject of learning Swedish. On Monday I take the second part which involves listening and I am expecting to fail miserably because I expect to be up all night watching the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl. (The game starts 9 hours later here.) Not that I wasn’t going to fail miserably anyway. But today, I finalized all parts of my secret weapon for defeating my language demons once and for all.

My new translating pen.

These gizmos are very cool. You roll the tip of the pen over a word or line (or up to 500 pages, actually) and the optical reader reads the word.

So, you scan in the word “segern.” What the hell does that mean? A couple clicks and . . .

It translates the Swedish into English. Victory.

Victory, indeed!



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