Day 201 — More Weather

Got more snow today. In the morning it was icy rain and then turned to snow and went on pretty good for an hour or more. Needless to say the Saturday housecleaning got delayed.

Snoopy perfected this trick back in the day. Some of these flakes were as big as cotton balls floating down.

You can see how big some of those suckers were.

Tonight, we took the bus into town to see a movie, “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.” Really well done but you had to be sitting next to a mystery/spy freak like Mariette to follow the plot intricacies.

According to the weather forecast we are due for several days of minus temperatures, but winter doesn’t officially start until there are five days in a row of minus temperatures. We are due for 7 out of 8, which won’t cut it around here. Has to be five in a row.


5 thoughts on “Day 201 — More Weather

  1. Glad that you finally got some nordic weather. It’s pretty white up here in Stockholm this day, and it’s fine. A few weeks of snow but then I will be looking forward to spring.


    I hope you had a great day and enjoyed the sunny weather. We made “våfflor” on Anna and Pärs verandah today while enjoying the sunshine. Days like these are quite amazing.

    • Hi, Helena, Tack sa mycket! Yes, it has been a good day. Incredible weather here, too. Sorry we missed Craig but hope somebody got pictures you can share. Can’t wait for Waffle Day which I think is in February sometime, right? Say hi to everyone for us!

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