Day 202 — “Will you still need me, will you still feed me . . .”

Evidently so.

Yummmm. Getting ready to tear into pork chops, my favorite of all Marette’s mother’s meals.

Bianca, of course, got her pork chop first.

She employs the inhale-first-taste-later strategy. An entire pork chop was gone within 10 seconds.

Things are blooming already. This is called trollhassel which is Swedish for witch hazel as near as I can figure.

Afterwards, a walk on the beach. Lots of people were out enjoying the bright sunshiny day.

As were the ducks. Seems like mating season.

One of my favorite houses. I love this fence and yard.

We were well into the yummy cake before Mariette reminded me to take a shot.

That funky table is where Olle does his paintings. He said that if (and when) there is a retrospective of his art that this should be at the entrance to the exhibition. By the way,  you can see the catalog of the exhibition he did in 2009 along with several other artists here: Years ago I put up a blog of his paintings and will try to find it again. Some of his stuff is really, really nice.

Finally, a nice gift from Olle and Ella. Those five little rectangles next to Gustav Vasa are holograms. I like colorful money.

Anyway, what will make it a perfect day is a 49er victory tonight, starting at around 12:30 a.m. No matter what happens, Monday is the second part of my Swedish test, so all the air is coming out of the balloons.

Still, I am ready for another trip around the sun.



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