Days 204 and 205 — Frozen waters

Mariette used to tell me that sometimes the ocean freezes in Sweden. Impossible, I thought, though I never outright disputed her contention.

Well, it is starting. It has been cold here finally and we are due for our five days in a row with temperatures of -5 C, which is about 23 F. I took a walk this morning and sure enough, the ocean is beginning to freeze over.

That is ice.

This is slush that will probably be ice tomorrow.

More ice. Can you imagine if San Francisco Bay froze solid? People could skate from one end to the other. Apparently people do skate on the ocean when it really freezes. I think I would try the water hazards on the golf course first, which are really solidly frozen now.

On a sunny day, though, it is incredible beautiful now. Here is yesterday’s sunrise.

And some golden hour colors.

I have to admit that cold weather tends to clear the head. And really fires up Bianca’s motor.

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