Day 206 — More Ice

Sorry for my obsession with ice here but for someone who never dealt with anything larger than an ice cube, some of the formations here are pretty fascinating. Out for a walk this morning I came upon some puddles that had frozen.

I have no idea how this puddle of water froze with this pattern.

While another, 10 feet away, froze like this.

The water hazard at the golf course is frozen solid enough to go skating on it as I could tell from the skate marks this morning.

When the wind comes up it is definitely starting to get chilly. The only one who doesn’t seem to notice is Bianca. She refused to wear the raincoat we got her and probably would not wear a sweater either. She just runs around like a maniac and that seems to do the trick.



3 thoughts on “Day 206 — More Ice

  1. Having spent 24 or so winters in MN, I too am familiar with ice. However, the ice pics you took are fascinating and don’t think I’ve ever seen the like before. Must be how water freezes in Scandinavia? Some remind me of your paintings, some look like cartoons, some like caricutures.

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