Day 209 — Neighborhood kids

The water hazard on the golf course is becoming quite the hang out for the neighborhood kids. Of course every Swedish kid can skate and Sweden and Finland hold their own with the U.S., Canada and Russia in hockey in the Olympics. Sweden took Finland to the cleaners today in the world bandy championships being held in Almaty in Kazakhstan by a 12 -0 whupping. Then Russia slaughtered the U.S. something like 15 -3 later. Bandy is called Russian Hockey and it is basically soccer on ice but with a lot more scoring. 11 players to a side and they use field hockey sticks to bat a little ball about the size of a baseball around the rink that is as large as a soccer field.

Anyway here are some shots of future bandy, hockey and figure skaters on a Sunday afternoon on the local rink.

Me still enjoying the novelty of walking on water.

They start young here.

Bianca, of course, attracted a crowd.

This girl didn’t even need skates to have fun out on the ice.

I’ll end for today with a shot of Mariette sporting the very latest in winter headgear.

Swedish army issue all the way. Bianca looks embarrassed to be seen with her.




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