Day 215 — The Sunday sports section

The Super Bowl starts here at midnight and believe it or not there will be people watching. In the biggest newspaper in Sweden, Dagens Nyheter (the day’s news), they explained everything you wanted to know about Amerikansk Fotboll:

It was actually a pretty good explanation. Of course they left out the parts about how the collisions are the equivalent of jumping off a 13 foot high ladder. But if you want to see tough, I mean really tough, crazzzzzzy tough, have a look here:

These maniacs are standing in line to jump down through a hole in the ice into water. The first person in line is a girl who swims year round.

Now today’s question is which would you rather face, the New York Giants defensive line or that hole in the ice? “Neither” is the correct answer since it seems both could be fatal.

PS. I know you all have been checking the blog to find out the real big news that has been suppressed by the media in the U.S., so here it is: Sweden won the world bandy championship by beating Russia today 5 – 4.


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