Days 217, 218 and 219 — Something new under the ice

I will lead today with some political news. There are seven (7!) main political parties in Sweden ranging from the Left Party (on the left) through to the Sweden Democrats on the extreme Naziesque fringe on the right. The two large parties are the Socialdemocrats who held power for 60 years and the Moderates who are in power now. The Prime Minister is a Moderate named Reinfeldt and it appears he committed political suicide this past week by proposing a plan that would make people work until they were 75 before they can retire and collect their pensions. Right now it is 65 and you can imagine how that is going over. Swedes begin an entire new and sometimes long final phase of their life stories at 65 and live active retirements. I think there is a general election in 2013 and I am sure people will remember this. I think about 90% of Swedes vote in elections, one reason because they hold them on weekends when people can get out and vote.

Okay, back to the ice pictures which seem to fascinate me more as the freeze moves farther away from shore.

That darker blue strip at the horizon marks how far out the sea has frozen.

Most of you are probably laughing to yourselves an my naiveté. (“Yeah, Dan, water freezes at 32 F. Get over it.”) Well, this next one is for you:




7 thoughts on “Days 217, 218 and 219 — Something new under the ice

      • The political opposition try to scare the swedish population saying that Reinfelt wants EVERYBODY to work until they are 75. It’s false.

      • Yeah, I saw something in DN today where he was explaining what he meant. Still, raising the prospect goes against a Swedish institution. If the money will run out one day, the government should be able to issue more without becoming slaves to the bankers, IMF and other such criminals.

    • Yes, but coming from a “right winger” it gives one pause. I put right winger in quotes because he is still miles left of Obama it appears. He has now made it an issue and tiny increment by tiny increment it could become a reality in 20 or 30 or 40 years.

      • Yes, and I think he’s expressing what many swedes think, that it is a waste to retire a competent 65 yo who really wants (!) to stay at work and still meet co-workers etc. One of my neigbors retired last year and he wanted to go back to work. He’s now trying to look busy with a much smaller game.

      • Yes, for sure. People are healthier longer and want to produce longer, There definitely should not be a law that mandates a retirement age. Some people want to work until they drop. They should be allowed to. I think people took his remarks as saying that the day was coming. He backpedaled in today’s DN.

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