Day 222 — The dry spell ends

This has been a very dry and mild winter. About 4 weeks ago we had our first snowfall and today we had our second. It was never this dry during summer. We woke up today to a couple inches of nice fluffy powder, no wind and comfortable temperatures. Mariette took her camera and took some shots.

Our favorite view higher above the sea. Hmm. With snow on the ice it won’t be slippery. That gives me an idea for later.

Did my good deed by shoveling the neighbor’s walk. His doing his good deed tomorrow by loaning us a car to visit Mariette’s aunt who is celebrating her 80th birthday.

In the afternoon the sky turned blue, the sun was bright and time to walk some more on the  snow-covered sea ice. No chance of slipping now.

Taking the direct route to the next beach.

Maybe 100 meters offshore looking back at Mariette and the dog. This all occurred before I decided to do a little reading up on walking on ice. Ignorance is bliss. Even though the water is only about waist deep this far from shore, I think I will get some more information before I go out again. I basically violated every single rule there is about going out in the ice. And lived to tell about it. The gods smiled again today.



3 thoughts on “Day 222 — The dry spell ends

  1. Amazing as always Dan and Mariette! Such great photos! Seeing them reminds me of the Girl in the Dragon Tattoo Movie locations. Amazing that you can stand on the sea! And people said you don’t walk on water Dan! 🙂

    • Hey, Mark, Yeah, it is amazing to a California boy like me that the ocean actually freezes. Several weeks ago the wind was blowing and people were surfing here. Now, it is a frozen silence. Never a dull moment weatherwise here.

  2. Couldn’t say it better than you did in your last paragraph. Actually got little mad and angry about someone going out on the ice in such a stupid and ignorant manner but then i begun thinking and realize that you are from California and have never been on ice before so i guess you are forgiven 🙂 but please read up on the proper way to act and be when going out on unknown ices
    This site might help you a long way

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