Day 223 — How to live forever, maybe

We drove up north about 25 miles to visit Mariette’s aunt who celebrated her 80th birthday today. Mariette’s three uncles were there and one of them, who is about 75, swims year round in the sea. There is a sans clothing bathing spot not far from his house and he goes down there every day in summer and on weekends in winter. Saturday he and his friends bashed a hole in the ice so they could do their dip (they don’t really swim in winter but just immerse themselves in the icy water for a couple minutes. They say that the Kentucky Derby is the fastest two minutes in sports.  I will wager that two minutes in the sea in February is the longest two minutes you will find anywhere. This guy has been doing it for so long that it is simply a habit now (though he admits that he stays in longer when someone is watching). The hole mostly froze over Saturday night to his friend could not squeeze in yesterday, but Mariette’s uncle could so he did his daily dip. This is absolutely incredible to me. That would literally kill most 75 year olds by inducing cardiac arrest. But not Uncle Enar. Mariette’s aunts, uncles and cousins are quite a bunch.

One of her cousin’s husband is planning to take a shot at the record for the one hour bike ride this summer. The world record is about 49 km covered in an hour, which is just about 30 mph. For a whole hour. He is shooting for about 45 km. Just because it seems like a nice challenge.

I really should do a post or 10 about Mariette’s family, but some of them read the blog and Swedes do not like attention directed their way particularly.

I will say this, though: of all the things I like about Sweden (and there are many), nothing tops Mariette’s family.



5 thoughts on “Day 223 — How to live forever, maybe

  1. Just spent an hour looking at your entire blog. Wow. So many things that I absolutely LOVE about your adventure. And I completely adore Bianca!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of love from me and Mat.

    • Amy and Mat, Thanks. Glad your enjoyed it. We definitely absolutely must get you guys over here one summer. There is a huge bocce ball complex in town! Bring Arvie, too!

      • Arvie and Bianca will fall in love and then we’ll never be able to separate them again! I’ve totally fallen in love with your dog! Visiting you guys in Sweden is high on my list of vital fun to experience things to do!!

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