Day 224 — All Heart’s Day

That is what they call Valentine’s Day here. It is becoming more commercial here, following on the U.S. penchant to commercialize everything. We remained immune, though the photos Mariette took this afternoon after is snowed all morning have a certain beauty and romance to them.

Of course there are other ways to enjoy a fresh snowfall. Channeling our inner 8 year olds, we then hit the slope on a Swedish kid’s sled called a pulka.

Bianca refused to ride it but chased it madly down the hill.

Snow dog.



5 thoughts on “Day 224 — All Heart’s Day

    • Wow those are some beautiful photographs! I am Monica and I am an American also married to a Swede and have been in Sweden for 2 1/2 years now (We live in Tomelilla in Skåne) Your blog is great and i wish you the best of luck here in Sweden

      • Hi, Monica. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you enjoy the blog. We enjoy keeping it up. Life so far
        in Sweden has been great. If only my language lessons were going faster!

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