Day 230–Hey, Old Man Winter, that’s all you got?!

Last winter it began snowing here in Halmstad in November and they had 3 feet by the time it was done. Winter lasted for more than 4 months and people we have talked to were pretty sick of it. February is the month when Swedes usually go crazy and bop down to Thailand or Spain just to get the hell out of here.

This winter has been very different. It snowed once in January and once in February for a total of maybe 4 inches. Rain came over the weekend and started melting the snow and has turned everything into an ice rink. It is really slippery around here these last few days. Being in the very south of the country and comparing it to California (both around the same size and relatively long and narrow; Sweden is about 10,000 km larger in area), Halmstad would be somewhere south of LA. The lowest it got here was around 5 F. Up north there were many days of 20 below F, which is -30 C.

Anyway, in the post before last on All Heart’s Day we posted some nice snow shots. Six days later here is what it looks like:

A lot of the ice in the sea has melted as well.

But just so no one gets the impression that it is all sunshine and spring buds here, I found a dead hawk this morning.

The poor guy must have just flopped out of the sky and plopped right on the path running along the coast.

Our neighbor says that spring will be here in 2 or 3 weeks and the folks around here are loving the prospect.


2 thoughts on “Day 230–Hey, Old Man Winter, that’s all you got?!

  1. I have visited Halmstad for the winter of 2009 and 2010, and I thought that winter was ALWAYS like that here. Boy was I wrong? Everyone says that those were two very abnormal winters and this amount of snow is more average. Not sure which I like more to be honest. I didn’t find it to be uncomfortably cold those years, and it was so much nicer and brighter instead of ice and slush. Nonetheless, whats better is that it is leaving!

    • Yeah, people have told us those two winters were rough. I am of the same mind as you: a little more  snow might have been cool. I guess coming from New York you were used to some pretty cold winters. In the San Francisco area if it gets down to freezing the whole place freaks out.

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