Days 231, 232, 233 — Signs of Spring

After my last post talking trash to Old Man Winter, we got a combination of snow and rain and woke the next morning to a fresh white blanket. Things were pretty slippery. Then yesterday we got an inch and a quarter of rain (30 mm, according to our neighbor) which melted most everything and today was a cloudless day.

Spring was definitely in the air and flags were flying. Not because of the weather but because of another of the anomalies that are Sweden. You see, the crown princess Victoria delivered a baby girl this morning and Swedes, the most progressive, egalitarian country on earth (fully 50% of the elected officials are women), are making a big deal out of an institution that was rapidly becoming passé in the 1700s. I thought that maybe the neighbors were a day late celebrating Fat Tuesday, which is also a big deal here and on which day the nation consumes massive amounts of artery clogging semlor buns, which are hamburger bun sized buns stuffed with whipped cream and other goodies. But no, it was the birth of Victoria’s first barn (child). According to Mariette, about half the country gets behind it and the other half thinks it is stupid and the monarchy does nothing but cost money that could be better spend elsewhere. It was the top story on the news tonight.

But, back to the spring like weather.

If not for lack of the leaves on the birch trees, this could be a summer photo. Our lawn stayed green all winter and I will probably have to start mowing it again in a few weeks.

One sign of spring that you cannot see in this pictures but which I heard this morning was one of the kinds of birds (a dove, I think) making their very familiar call that reminds me of a Bo Diddley rhythm. It goes: one, two . . . three, four. One, two . . . three, four. One, two . . . three, four, FIVE. And then repeats.

Ice is all but gone.

Now for a few of my fuzzy, phone camera shots. Ice breaking up this morning. (Mariette’s shots were from this afternoon.)

And finally, while walking around during break in class this afternoon, I saw this:

A birch tree growing straight up through the asphalt and thriving. Life is hard to keep down.


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