Days 238, 239 and 240 — That was winter, apparently

My last post Monday showed a light snowfall blanketing things. Next it rained which washed most it the snow away. Yesterday is was foggy. No two days are alike here. Today was just gorgeous in the afternoon with temperatures in the 40s and little wind. Very pleasant. While much of Europe really got hammered by winter, especially the middle of the continent we sat here and waited and waited and waited and . . . not much. It snowed here a total of three times including Monday’s dusting for a total of about 4 inches. Here is the last patch of ice around:

I guess we picked a good year to break me into Swedish weather. Last year it started snowing in November and lasted until late March. No one I have talked to has been unhappy with the way things have gone this winter.

Even Bianca is dumbfounded.

Ho-hum. Southern Sweden is the new Southern California. TV, however, is very different.

Here is the news in sign language for the heard of hearing. How many deaf people can there be in a country of 9.5 million who want to watch the news at 5:30? And this is broadcast, not cable. There is also a news program delivered in Finnish which mainly covers news from the extreme north of the country where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet. Also broadcast, not cable.

A classmate took his pregnant wife for a checkup today, blood work, etc. Cost: zero. Another classmate was telling me about taking his kid to the dentist. Apparently they really go to town on kids’ teeth with monthly flouride treatments, the whole nine yards. Cost: zero.

There are some things about this country that are similar to America but, man, there are some real differences.



2 thoughts on “Days 238, 239 and 240 — That was winter, apparently

  1. Looks like you got Shelly Corrias broadcasting the news with sign.

    Keep up with the blog Dan. I read it daily and am disappointed if you haven’t kept it up.
    I’m learning a lot about Sweden and a lot about you as I read it. Looks to me like you could stand to go north and play in the snow.

    Again, thanks for continuing the effort to keep this blog rolling along.

    Your missing the new reality TV over here. They get pretty funny with one telling the other he’s a fake and then being called a lier by another plus the alliances that form are interesting – oh! I forgot to tell you I’m talking about the Republican debates. What a joke these guys are…it’s actually embarrassing to think one could be the next President of the US.

    • Yeah, I didn’t think that was Shelly. But maybe you’re right. Oh, my god, you aren’t actually watching those “debates” are you? I used to hold you to a higher standard than that, Peter. Jersey Shore, at least. Not one of those clowns stands a chance, though I might kind of like to see what a Ron Paul presidency would be like. But I am sure he scares the real powers that be more than Obama does. Anyway, glad you are liking the blog. Tomorrow will be interesting–16,000 crazed Swedes on skis at the Vasaloppet marathon ski race. Stay tuned.

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