Days 241 and 242 — Odds and ends

There is definitely a feel of spring, though extended forecast is calling for rain and at least one day snowy rain or rainy snow. Whatever. Here is what it looked like yesterday and today:

Golfers back out on the course.

Friends soaking up the afternoon sun at the shore.

This morning I drove Mariette and two other teachers to a course being delivered in a town 40 miles north of Halmstad called Varberg. Beautiful seaside town.

This fortress guarded the harbor from somebody back in the day, probably Danes.

Mariette has an uncle who lives maybe a mile  from here and he goes skinny dipping here year round. There is a sauna and during winter they warm up in there and cool down real quick in the sea. I didn’t see him today.

Swedes, being the sexually inhibited prudes that they are, have separate nude bathing facilities for men and women. And I thought the entire country was one big happy nudist colony. At least that was the perception in the U.S. media.

I should grab some shots from an earlier trip to the town and post them one of these days. Very pretty place.

The Melodifestivalen is drawing to a close. Tonight’s show was something called Andra Chans, or Second Chance. Two contestants from the previous four shows who were not voted into the finals next week were given a second chance to impress the voters and make it to the finals. This show was definitely better than last week’s by a Swedish mile (10 kilometers or 6.2 miles). You need to watch it when someone says they live 10 miles outside of town and clarify which they are talking about, miles or mils. There is a big difference.

Anyway, the acts were better tonight, most of them.

This was a 50s style rockabilly band called the Top Cats. They are pretty good and they made it to the Finals by beating out this all girl group. I guess it is hard to vote against a guy balancing on his bass while playing it.

Personally, I think these four would have been the best representatives for Sweden. I mean, how can you top four tall, good looking blondes? Or am I still in the thrall of American media sexist brainwashing?

My ironic side, however, was pulling this this guy:

America, meet Sean Banan. He is an Iranian immigrant and his performance was hysterical. He is a comedian and plays on every stereotype that Swedes hold of immigrants. The lyrics to his song say that he comes from a land of beards and sand and when he arrived Security did a cavity search but the girls welcomed him with open arms. He warns King Gustav XVI that he is coming for his throne and then goes on to praise, meatballs, very good, IKEA, very good, Carola (the most famous Swedish singer) not very good, ABBA, very good, black market taxi service, very good (many immigrants are taxi drivers and there is a black market business), the tax agency, not very good.

The audience loved him.

He’s got everything Swedes hate about immigrants: the jewelry, baggy clothing, he came out in a burhka like robe, baseball cap.

At the end of his song he is sitting on a gold throne, crown on his head, holding a newborn baby (a reference to Princess Estelle who was born last week). A big banner behind him read, Thank You, Sweden. This guy was hilarious but the Sweden Democrats must have lit up the phone lines voting for the group he was up against (who were abysmal, I might add) and Sean Banan did not make it to the Finals. I drowned my sorrows in the prospect of what begins tomorrow morning at 7:30. I am told it is not to be believed.


2 thoughts on “Days 241 and 242 — Odds and ends

  1. Aw, I missed last nights show and I didn’t realize it was second chance! I remember the top cats and liked them a lot but completely agree with you about the girl group- I liked them equally as much and I thought they had more of that “Swedish Culture” vibe going on. Maybe it was the accordion. *Mental note to self to watch next week finale!*

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