Day 247 — Old Man Winter says good-bye

Had another interesting day of weather here. The wind died down completely and it started snowing last night. It continued most of the morning and everything turned beautiful one last time.

You get the idea. By the time it stopped we had 3-4 inches of really nice powder. Perfect for snowballs. It must have been 0 C. or below because it was snowing and the stuff was sticking, but is seemed warm. Warm snow? It was almost like being on a movie set where they dump fake snow. Anyhow, the day warmed up and this afternoon the sun was out and it was in the 40s and most everything had melted. That was winter. Very, very mild even from the viewpoint of a Californian.

Temperatures are going to get to the 40s and maybe hit 50 on the weekend. Seven days of no temperature below zero means spring has officially started. So it seems to be right on schedule.

No two days are the same here and lately have not even been remotely similar. I celebrated by ditching Swedish class to work instead.

(I figured that a very mild post would match today’s snowfall.)

The full moon tonight, however, was anything but mild. With light pollution at a minimum the night sky is spectacular on a clear night like tonight.


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