Day 248 — The political flap of the week

This past week a story broke that Sweden had secretly been involved with helping to build a weapons factory in Saudi Arabia. It is causing an uproar politically here. People want to know if the head of state, Frederik Reinfeldt knew of the work and covered it up. People were surveyed about their views and 78% said that Sweden should not be allowed to sell weapons to countries with oppressive regimes. Only 9% said that the country should be allowed to do so.

Sweden actually has a fairly large defense industry even though it is a neutral country and has been for many, many years.

I thought it was interesting that the issue caused such an uproar. I cannot imagine something similar happening in the U.S. despite America being the world’s largest arms dealer.

This seems to be a significant difference between Sweden and the U.S. The population here seems more engaged in the political process. I haven’t figured out why exactly. It can’t be TV because many of the same crappy programs on in America are broadcast here. There seems to be certain awareness that one is somehow responsible for what happens politically. People certainly express their opinions and this drives Mariette crazy with the minutae that, in her opinion, people become so involved in.

Anyway, it is a difference I am becoming aware of. No pictures today but tomorrow is the big final of the Melodifestival and I am forcing myself to watch and, by extension, so will you.



2 thoughts on “Day 248 — The political flap of the week

  1. The propaganda of the military industrial complex runs deep. You spoke of Sweden’s defense industry. It sounds so moral, so justified. Defense. The truth is that it is a war industry and profits from death and destruction, pain and suffering. Thank God 78% see through this. What a great people.

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